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How to Accept a Collaborator Request
How to Accept a Collaborator Request

Learn how to grant collaborator access to your Taptool team

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As you're preparing to launch your mobile apps with Taptool, there are several steps you need to complete. To help guide you through the process our Implementation Team will assist with setting up your developer accounts, enabling integrations, and design questions to name a few. A common step is enabling Taptool collaborator permissions within your Shopify store so we can help!

In this article:

  • Learn how to grant collaborators access to your Taptool team


  1. Once your Implementation Specialist has confirmed the request has been sent, log in to your Shopify store

  2. Upon logging in, you should see a pop-up banner to review the collaborator request

  3. Simply tap on the banner and approve the permissions

  4. If, you don’t see a banner, in the top right corner, select ‘Alerts’

  5. From here you’ll see a CTA to review the collaborator request form to approve

  6. Once you’ve approved the request, confirm with your Implementation Specialist and you’re good to go

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