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Mobile App Launch Process Checklist
Mobile App Launch Process Checklist

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide for entire process. Please follow the steps carefully to launch your mobile app smoothly

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If you're reading this, you're on the brink of launching a world-class mobile app with TapTool. By the end of this guide, you'll discover just how straightforward it is to bring your store's mobile app to life with our support. Let's dive in!

  1. What steps do I need to take to launch my mobile app? Below is a concise overview of the journey from day one to seeing your app live on the App Store and Google Play Store. We briefly describe each step and estimate the time needed.

  • Mobile App Design: Craft your mobile app's design using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. (2-5 Hours)

  • Developer Accounts: Secure developer accounts from Apple and Google for your app's launch. (2 - 7 Days)

  • Sending Invitations: Grant the TapTool team access via your developer accounts. (10 Minutes)

  • Google Analytics Integration: Enable Google Analytics for your app to access key analytics. (1 Hour)

  • 3rd Party App Integration: Quickly integrate third-party Shopify apps into your app. (30 Minutes)

  • Providing App Information: Complete a form with your app's listing information. (20 Minutes)

  • App Submission Request: Ask the TapTool team to submit your app for review and launch. (5 Minutes)

  • App Review & Launch: Your app is reviewed by Apple & Google before going live. (2-5 Days)

The entire process demands less than 10 hours of actual work from you.

For an in-depth look at each step, keep reading below.

  1. How long will it take for my app to appear on Google Play Store & Apple App Store? Typically, it takes 8-10 days to see your app live on both stores, although the exact timing can vary based on specific circumstances.

*Note: Obtaining an Apple Developer Account may take longer than 4 days, depending on your business type and location.

  1. What exactly does each app launch step entail? For those interested in the nitty-gritty, we delve into each step to provide you with a clearer understanding.

3.1. Mobile App Design This initial phase involves designing your app on the TapTool dashboard, where simplicity reigns supreme. You'll work on:

  • Designing your app's homepage with the TapTool editor

  • Configuring your app menu

  • Choosing design colors

  • Uploading your app icon (*Requires app update for changes)

  • Switching mobile app themes (*Requires app update for changes)

*Important: Changes requiring app updates are marked accordingly. This is crucial for understanding which alterations necessitate waiting for a new app version release.

3.2. Securing Apple & Google Developer Accounts To maintain full control over your app, we advise having your own developer accounts. We've prepared comprehensive guides to assist you in this process:

  • Apple Developer Account Guide

  • Google Developer Account Guide

3.3. Granting TapTool Team Access We manage the app submission and launch process on your behalf, necessitating access to your developer account. Instructions for sending invitations to the TapTool team are included in the guides above.

Important Note: Please notify the TapTool team via email or live chat after sending invitations.

3.4. Integrating Google Analytics To effectively manage your app, integrating Google Analytics is essential. Guidance on this integration is available in our Google Analytics Integration Guide.

3.5. Integrating Third-Party Shopify Apps Integrate third-party apps easily, either before or after your app's launch, without requiring an update. Activation steps are straightforward.

3.6. Providing Mobile App Listing Information Listing information for the App Store and Play Store is required. You'll fill out this information on the TapTool dashboard by clicking the 'PUBLISH' button.

3.7. Requesting Mobile App Submission After completing the App Information Form, request submission through the 'Request Store Submission' button.

Important Note: The TapTool Quality Assurance Team will thoroughly review your app to ensure perfection before its launch, aiming to submit your app within 5 business days.

3.8. Mobile App Review & Launch The final step involves review by Apple and Google, typically requiring 3-4 days for Apple and 4-5 days for Google.

Please be aware that during the Android app review process, we won't receive status emails from Google due to account holder restrictions. If you receive any notifications from Google regarding your app, please inform us immediately at [email protected].

For any questions or further assistance, our experts are readily available via email or dashboard live chat. We're eager to support you every step of the way.

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